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One of our core values is building partnerships with strategic suppliers. This process begins with information sharing, trust and continuous recognition so that working collaboratively can produce superior results.


Best Sports Betting Websites expects suppliers to meet all engineering specifications and to continuously improve products and services through process performance optimization and reductions in process variation.


Quality is defined as products and services that meet the customer’s expectations at a cost representing value.

While various Best Sports Betting Websites functions will assist the supplier in improving quality, the responsibility ultimately remains with the supplier.


Best Sports Betting Websites uses a formal global approach to categorize suppliers by level of risk based on key criteria such as industry reliance, financial stability, supply of critical components, supplier core capabilities, supplier performance, and industry position.


supplier management cycle including evaluation, selection and monitoring


Do you want to become a partner with Best Sports Betting Websites?

Please submit the required documentation following the instructions on New Supplier Submission Requirements. We appreciate your interest in becoming a supplier to Best Sports Betting Websites. However, only suppliers that meet Best Sports Betting Websites’ requirements will be contacted for consideration.

New Supplier Submission Requirements

Existing Supplier Resource Library